GoIndustry DoveBid helps Us Launch New Products Faster, Cutting Our Equipment Costs in Half

GoIndustry DoveBid helps Us Launch New Products Faster, Cutting Our Equipment Costs in Half

Resourced sourcing cycle from

8 to 2 months


savings compared with new equipment


lots purchased in auction


ZIV is one of Bulgaria’s largest manufacturers of bakery and confectionary products. Purchasing Manager, Radoslava Dimitrova, tells us why GoIndustry DoveBid is her recommended online marketplace.

Launching products quickly is our competitive advantage.

One of our primary goals at ZIV is to grow international exports. As our sales team constantly receives demands for new products, our ability to bring new products to market quickly is critical to winning more business.

Buying new equipment is extremely resource-intensive, taking up to 8 months from decision to production. I was looking for something faster and cheaper when I found GoIndustry DoveBid.

GoIndustry DoveBid takes all the stress out of buying second-hand.

With GoIndustry DoveBid, we find second-hand equipment that meets our specifications from around the world. We have a dedicated project manager with experience in auctions to support us through the entire buying process. Any concerns that bidding would be stressful quickly went away.

After purchasing, GoIndustry DoveBid helps us to coordinate the escrow, shipping and third parties. For example, we recently bought equipment from Nicaragua and Colombia – not your average purchase destinations – and we would never have done this without GoIndustry DoveBid.

We save time and money on equipment that just works.

We’ve already purchased over 200 pieces of equipment on GoIndustry DoveBid. We save between 50% and 75% compared with the cost of new equipment. We reduced our average sourcing time from 8 months to less than 3 months and win more sales as a result. In addition, buying second-hand also helps to reduce our environmental impact.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.