How We Became a Trusted Partner to this Leading Niche Recycler

How We Became a Trusted Partner to this Leading Niche Recycler

$5.8 million

in total spend

Over 30

lots won in 3 years

#3 Player

In their industry


Allied Alloys is a full-service steel, stainless and nickel recycling company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Here’s how Network International connected Allied Alloys with big industry players to help them become one of the biggest players in their space globally.


The markets are our biggest challenge

Stainless steel and nickel are relatively niche industries. Our four US processing facilities serve customers from all over the world, including India, Taiwan and Japan.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of instability in the metal markets, driven in part by fluctuating oil prices. This has forced us to up our game by following the markets even more closely, driving efficiency in our operations, and focusing on growth.


Every growth opportunity is worth taking

Our experienced team of eight full-time traders work hard to build and maintain key relationships across the US and internationally. We also regularly check the auctions on Network International as an increasingly relevant growth channel.

Over the last years, we’ve spent close to $6M on scrap metals on Network International that we wouldn’t have been able to access any other way. We’ve won over 30 bids, big and small, that all add to up to increased profits.


Network International opens doors

All of the largest industrial players use Network International to market their scrap. These large organizations are particularly difficult to sell to. Sales cycles can go from several months to years. Network International gives us a unique opportunity to get our foot in the door and turn a small win into a large 2-year contract.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.