Shanghai| In Person – Hugh Yu

Tell us a little about your company and activities in China?

GoIndustry DoveBid is part of Liquidity Services Inc. Nasdaq listed, Liquidity Services is a global solution provider in the reverse supply chain with the world’s largest marketplace for business surplus.  We work with multi-national manufacturers, retailers, and government agencies, helping them to maximize the supply chain value by providing surplus asset management, valuation, and re-marketing (sales) services.  We have been in China since 2008 and continue to be one of the few foreign companies with an auction license in China.  We primarily work with Fortune 500 manufacturers in China, enhancing their bottom line through better management of surplus capital assets.

What benefits can companies using your products/services in China get?

We are simply the biggest player in our business in terms of size and scale. Our global reach and broad industry coverage has enabled us to become the trusted provider of choice for over 7,000 clients, including Fortune 1000 companies. Our leading sales channels attract more than 2.6 mm buyers, and we transact over USD 1bn in gross merchandise volume annually.

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