State of Alabama Joins GovDeals: Lists 500+ Surplus Assets at First Online Auction

State of Alabama Joins GovDeals: Lists 500+ Surplus Assets at First Online Auction

The State of Alabama has joined the more than 14,000 government agencies leveraging GovDeals to sell surplus, idle, and confiscated items online. The State’s listed over 500 lots of surplus property in its first-ever online auction including items such as computers, office furniture, TVs, refrigerators, metal detectors, and more.

A New Solution for Government Surplus – an exclusive Liquidity Services online marketplace dedicated to helping government clients sell their business surplus – partnered with the State to help dispose of their assets to the public. GovDeals has sold more than 1.8 million items returning over $2.2 billion back to governments and ultimately, taxpayers.

Utilizing online auctions, a change from auctions previously held in a Montgomery warehouse, uncovers a way for the State to hold more auctions, and offer more deals to the public. Online auctions also allow the State of Alabama to dispose of their unused assets in a transparent, safe, and sustainable way, with all generated revenue going back into the State’s General Fund.

Selling Surplus Like Used Cars, Computers, and Vending Machines

Most of the items listed for sale feature surplus assets that Alabama’s state and federal agencies no longer needed. In fact, many of the items the State has listed are things that were abandoned at airports across the Southeast.

Items currently live on include office furniture, TVs, refrigerators, and even an airplane fuselage that students have been able to use for educational and training purposes.

To see what items The State of Alabama is offering to buyers, visit GovDeals to see all auctions across 500+ asset categories, or register as a GovDeals seller to start selling surplus today.

Tune in to hear more about The State of Alabama’s new partnership with GovDeals.