Board Reaps Benefits of Controlled Auctions – New Jersey School Board Conducts a Restricted Buyer Auction With GovDeals

Board Reaps Benefits of Controlled Auctions – New Jersey School Board Conducts a Restricted Buyer Auction With GovDeals


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At the end of every school year, school officials around the country are required to collect, inventory, wipe, and dispose of or sell all electronic devices that will not be used in the upcoming year. The available resources and size of a district can quickly turn this into a massive job, requiring hundreds of man-hours to complete before school resumes. Many school districts simply don’t have the capacity to complete these tasks in a timely manner and must resort to alternative options.

When a district chooses not to wipe the data from these surplus devices, legally their disposal options become very limited. Data security is a critical concern and failing to properly handle and dispose of electronic devices can lead to severe consequences for a school district, including potential breaches, identity theft, and data leaks. To avoid liability, school districts will frequently give these assets to e-recycling companies for little to no profit. The Board of Education in Millburn, New Jersey was recently left with 1,655 Apple products and 22 SMART panels that they needed to compliantly offload.

They wanted a way to offer these products to certified e-recycling companies responsible for erasing the data on the devices. The district was looking for an option that would allow them to offer the devices only to qualified e-recyclers with specific certifications.


As a GovDeals seller, the Board already had access to a world-class platform with a built-in system allowing them to restrict their electronics auction to certified e-recyclers only. Sellers have the flexibility to define specific requirements for each auction which determine the level of visibility and access a bidder has to the listed items before they are permitted to participate in the auction. This enables sellers to conduct internal or controlled auctions at their discretion. The Board harnessed the power of this system to offer all their available electronics as a comprehensive package. The auction was visible to all potential buyers with no need for prior approval, allowing them to explore the listed assets freely. However, the Board was able to view and approve all interested parties before they could bid.


At the conclusion of the sale, the electronics were successfully sold to GDI Trading, an established IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey. As an ITAD partner, GDI Trading specializes in managing the end-of-life cycle for various technology assets, including computers, servers, networking equipment, and other electronic devices. Their commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that the electronics they acquire from the Board auction will undergo proper data erasure and recycling practices, reducing electronic waste and keeping the Board legally compliant.

By opting to sell these electronics in this sustainable manner, the Board was able to prevent them from being improperly disposed of while actively contributing to the advancement of the circular economy. Their decision to embrace sustainability allowed them to successfully extend the life of these assets, allowing them to be reused, refurbished, or recycled to maximize their value.

The sale of these electronics to a responsible and reputable ITAD partner highlights the tenacity and flexibility of the GovDeals platform. By facilitating the seamless connection between sellers and buyers, GovDeals proves its ability to accommodate diverse needs within local governments. Through GovDeals, sellers like the Board of Education in Millburn, New Jersey can gain access to a vast network of potential buyers and ensure their assets are sold sustainably and compliantly.

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