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Energy companies seek smarter methods to improve reliability, speed, and ROI. Liquidity Services provides comprehensive, best-in-class surplus asset management solutions that enable you to stay competitive in a challenging business landscape.
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Keep Pace with Demand

Energy companies must be prepared to quickly respond to changes in market demand and pricing. Surplus equipment is a company resource, the value of which should be unlocked during periods of high capital expenditure as well as reduced activity. Liquidity Services is the proven industry leader in managing surplus energy equipment, providing comprehensive reverse supply chain solutions and superior client service. With proven processes, expert staff, and cutting-edge technologies, we manage reverse supply chain programs that produce measurable results and operate as best-in-class.

Extract Success from the Shale and LNG Revolution

Shale and LNG projects are capital-intensive and geographically dispersed, which inevitably creates surplus equipment. Let Liquidity Services transform these surplus assets into value returned to your business. With more than $1 billion in total sales for (and to) the world’s largest oil companies, Liquidity Services can support all your high-volume asset management needs. With global reach and access to over 3.5 million registered buyers, we provide comprehensive reverse supply chain solutions virtually anywhere in the world.

Retire Legacy Assets and Modernize Your Equipment

As the energy industry adopts new technologies and processes, old equipment inevitably becomes obsolete. With a team of dedicated industry and asset category subject matter experts, we understand the unique needs of the energy supply chain. With our strategic, consultative approach and best-in-class marketing intelligence, we manage, value, and sell your outdated energy equipment for maximum value.

Respond Profitably to Regulatory Changes

The energy industry continues to be highly regulated and scrutinized, and you can turn this reality into a competitive advantage by responsibly mitigating risks associated with surplus assets. Liquidity Services offers a full suite of compliance services, backed by our global team of experts, that ensures you conform with all regulations, policies, and other challenges inherent to responsibly managing surplus energy equipment.

Control Costs and Create New Capital Streams

As extraction costs skyrocket and profit margins shrink, many energy companies feel pressured to do more with less. A high-performing reverse supply chain that increases productivity, efficiently manages surplus, and achieves maximum value will help you stay cost-conscious and competitive. Our AssetZone ® software helps you identify surplus and redeploy it within your organization, reducing the need to purchase new assets. And our expert marketing and sales strategies ensure you achieve maximum investment recovery for your assets.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every energy asset category:
  • Compression, Turbines, & Engines
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Instrumentation & Control Valves
  • Drilling & Well Service Rigs & Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Line Pipe & Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • Pipeline Equipment, Pumps, Valves, & Fittings
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Oilfield Production Equipment
  • Plant Support Equipment
  • Refinery & Petrochem Units & Equipment

See Our Client Success Stories

Learn how we’ve delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world’s leading organizations.
''Liquidity Services’ reach is better... Scale is the difference, and that’s huge. The more regions that you are in, the better, and in a significant way.''- Global Group of Energy And Petrochemical Companies
''With Liquidity Services, we’re getting the most return for the assets we’re selling. And we’re minimizing the amount of time we have to spend on that part of the business. Selling equipment new, used, junk – that’s not our core business. Liquidity Services focuses on that.''- Leading Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company
''The people, the service, the relationship that is built on trust make it a partnership. If the folks at Liquidity Services say something, I believe it... Nothing’s going to come up that we can’t work through.''- Leading Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company
''I think Liquidity Services has more resources... that they have more depth and can absorb more. I think I can throw more at Liquidity Services and they’d be able to handle it... I would say they’re a very knowledgeable company.''- Global Group of Energy And Petrochemical Companies
''Liquidity Services is the #1 in our industry.''- Multinational Mining, Metals, and Petroleum Company
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