We Don’t Find Markets.
We Make Them.

Liquidity Services leverages a wide range of strategies to ensure your surplus are sold through the right channels to the right buyers for the highest recovery value. Every year, our marketplace sites generate an average of 22 million unique visitors and nearly 750 million page views.
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Online Auction

Our global auctions are highly targeted by vertical, industry, and product category to draw large audiences, generating maximum investment recovery for your assets.

Corporate Market Program

These cost-effective, regularly scheduled auctions attract multiple potential buyers to bid on your lots.

Direct Sales or Private Treaty

The preferred sales method for specialized assets, private treaty focuses on a select group of prospective buyers. Liquidity Services markets your surplus and negotiates the price on your behalf.

The Sky’s the Limit

Using our extensive marketing resources, we promote your surplus to
as many interested buyers as possible, driving maximum recovery for your surplus.
Email Marketing

We target carefully curated lists with compelling, relevant email communications promoting your assets. Our strategic approach generates high levels of interest and high click-through rates – which have reached 90% or better – maximizing return for your surplus.

Search Engine Optimization

Our significant investments in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies ensure our marketplace sites attract the highest volume of targeted buyers. As a result, we draw nearly 800 million visitors to our sites each year.

Print and Tradeshow Marketing

Advertisements in newspapers and targeted online publications, as well as exhibits, sponsorships and attendance at industry trade shows extend our reach to even more potential buyers for your surplus.

Inventory Listing Services

Liquidity Services maintains an up-to-date repository of over 450 inventory listing websites whose target audiences consist of surplus buyers. Placing ads on these sites is a proven, cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your surplus.

Site Merchandising

Our marketplace sites provide detailed product descriptions, compelling pictures, featured lots and customized brand pages, creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for your surplus.

Public Relations

Liquidity Services increases visibility and bidding activity for your surplus through public relations initiatives, including press releases in support of auctions, case studies on successful outcomes, and events that enhance thought leadership.

Flexible solutions. Higher recovery.