The Recovery You Need,
Without the Hassle You Don’t

Liquidity Services’ customized sales approach ensures your goals are met and your recovery maximized. Based on your unique product mix, priorities, and timeframe, we recommend a precise blend of sales and marketing channels. This proven recommerce strategy ensures that recovery, speed, and brand protection are appropriately balanced for your surplus items.
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We Do It All

If it pertains to selling your surplus inventory, we handle it for you with proven processes, sophisticated technology, and ample surplus management expertise.

Our myriad value-add services help maximize recovery, protect your brand, and mitigate risks by ensuring items are in the best possible conditions.

  • Refurbishment – Increase potential recovery for electronics, appliances, and other high-value items by refurbishing them to improve appearance, restore functionality, and replace missing parts. Our dedicated fulfillment centers abide by proven refurbishment processes.
  • Data Wiping – Inadvertently reselling items that contain sensitive data can result in hefty fines and negative public relations. Using best-in-class Department of Defense 5220.22M data wiping processes, we remove all sensitive data from electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs.
  • Repackaging – New, professional packaging creates positive consumer experiences, minimizes shipping costs, and protects vendor brands by leaving off identifying marks. We work closely with you to develop custom packaging that meets your needs.
  • Brand Protection – Some organizations are concerned that selling their products in the secondary market will negatively impact their brands. We keep your brand reputation pristine by delivering excellent secondary market experiences, providing in-house buyer support, delabeling and debranding items as needed, and adhering to “no sell” restrictions for product lines and markets.

Satisfied buyers purchase more and return to buy again, resulting in higher recovery for your surplus inventory. Through world-class service supporting every aspect of the buyer experience, we achieve a 94% repeat bidder rate and a high referral rate from our buyers. Our Six-Sigma-trained team handles every aspect of buyer support from site registration through dispute resolution and is available any time by phone, email, and web chat to answer buyer questions.

Our Buyer Customer Support Team:

  • 75 representatives across three continents who speak a total of six languages
  • 90% first-contact resolution rate
  • A+-rated provider by the Better Business Bureau
  • Extremely low cancellation rate
  • Six Sigma Green Belt certified

Efficient fulfillment of inventory saves you money, minimizes your carbon footprint, and gets buyers their items faster. Our vast national distribution network, warehouse management technology, and logistics best practices ensure your goods reach their final destinations quickly and cost-effectively – whether those destinations are vendor partners, new owners, or recycling plants. We partner with you to develop custom logistics solutions that meet your cost, timing, and scale needs.

  • Five fulfillment centers totaling nearly one million square feet
  • Thousands of retail product orders fulfilled daily
  • Sophisticated warehouse management system drives logistics efficiency
  • Buyer orders received by 3pm are fulfilled the same day

A Plan Just for You

B2B Online Marketplace

Reach millions of professional surplus buyers around the world through our B2B online marketplace

B2B Direct Sales

Sell surplus inventory by the truckload or palletload directly to targeted buyers through our channel.

B2C E-commerce

Tap into the growing e-commerce buyer base through complete white-label management of your brand on our B2C online marketplace Secondipity, third-party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and your own marketplaces sites.

Multichannel Marketing Strategies Drive Buyer Interest

We leverages a wide range of marketing strategies to maximize recovery for your surplus Inventory.
Email Marketing

Promotional emails to targeted lists create interest for your items, maximizing bids and recovery.

Search Engine Optimization

Our significant investments in search engine optimization and marketing ensure your items stay at the top of relevant searches in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Print and Tradeshow Marketing

Advertisements in targeted trade publications as well as exhibits, sponsorships, and attendance at industry trade shows extend our reach to more potential buyers.

Inventory Listing Services

Low-cost ads on a vast network of inventory-listing sites capture your share of this highly targeted audience.

Site Merchandising

Detailed descriptions and compelling photos for all items intrigue buyers while maximizing bidding and buying.

Public Relations

Public relations initiatives such as media coverage of sales increase visibility and bidding activity for your surplus items.

Flexible solutions. Higher Recovery.