Launch Your Reverse Supply Chain
into the Stratosphere

To stay ahead of competitors, aerospace and defense companies must launch innovative, profitable systems, handle development complexity, and consistently grow working capital. By transforming your reverse supply chain from a hindrance into a liquid opportunity, we help you stay focused on what moves business forward.
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We Know Aerospace & Defense

Maximize Return on Retired Equipment

In aerospace and defense manufacturing, equipment is frequently retired or discontinued, creating a wealth of high-value surplus assets. We partner with the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies to maximize investment recovery for their surplus. Our proven processes, expert staff, and cutting-edge technologies ensure your surplus asset program produces measurable results and operates as best-in-class.

Address Security Challenges with Confidence

Aerospace and defense companies face significant security and regulatory challenges. In addition to helping you maximize recovery, Liquidity Services offers a suite of services to help you manage your compliance risks, including buyer vetting, data-wiping, routed export transactions, and other documentation support to map the sale of your surplus assets to your internal compliance policies. We ensure you are compliant with all considerations inherent to the reverse supply chain, including buyer vetting, data privacy, export control regulations, and your own internal policies.

Strategic Consulting and Risk Analysis

Regardless of your industry, asset types, asset conditions, and valuation challenges, our expert team provides customized, strategic consulting to support your decision making. We also deliver detailed risk analysis reports tailored to your requirements.

Put Your Reverse Supply Chain to Work for Your Core Business

Facing reduced budgets, aerospace and defense companies must concentrate on core business activities, leaving them with few resources to focus on their reverse supply chains. We responsibly and expertly handle the ongoing management of your surplus, freeing up resources for your primary business. With expertise in all asset categories, a vast buyer network, and nearly $150 million of assets sold in your industry, we transform your surplus from a distraction into a recurring revenue source.

Grow Your Business by Meeting Demand

With commercial aircraft demand going strong in developing countries, aerospace companies are opening or relocating production sites in these areas. The result? A bevy of high-value, specialized surplus. No matter the location or unique nature of your assets, Liquidity Services can effectively manage, value, and sell them so you can focus on meeting demand. We design, implement, and measure superior surplus solutions that responsibly maximize your investment recovery and help you achieve strategic goals.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every aerospace and defense asset category:
  • Metalworking
  • Composite Materials
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Airfield Operations
  • Plant Support Equipment

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