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Retailers must provide compelling customer experiences that deepen relationships and grow revenue. Managing the reverse supply chain for overstock and returned inventory, Liquidity Services helps you stay focused on your core business. Our high-impact partnership ensures you receive maximum value for your inventory. That’s why more than half of the top 20 retailers partner with us.
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Support Year-Over-Year Comps with Measurable Solutions

Retailers face stiff competition and a demanding consumer base. To remain competitive, growing year-over-year comparisons is critical. Liquidity Services enables you to focus on forward-flow strategies by handling all reverse supply chain operations, from RTV to refurbishment to remarketing solutions via an unparalleled range of B2B and B2C channels. Our processes, staff, and technology are perfectly honed to deliver measurable business results.

Align Vendor Incentives to Maximize Return

With retail margins thin, every smart retailer looks for creative opportunities to improve its bottom line. Liquidity Services has flexible pricing models to help you maximize recovery while achieving your strategic goals. We offer traditional purchase agreements, consignment options, and a revenue-sharing model that pays you in advance, then shares a percentage of the recovery gained through our expert marketing and sales strategies.

Cut Costs Through Innovation

Innovation is a must in the forward supply chain. Why not ensure your reverse supply chain also keeps pace with change, cutting cost while maximizing speed and return? With superior data and analytics, Liquidity Services identifies opportunities to continually improve your program. We partner with retailers and OEMs alike to offer big-picture perspective, resulting in a sustainable, positive impact on your reverse supply chain operations.

Accomplish More with Fewer Partners

To achieve economies of scale, retailers look for one partner who can offer the most expertise, services, and capabilities. We offer comprehensive solutions, managing the entire reverse supply chain from reconciliation to recommerce and fulfillment. Our numerous fulfillment centers across North America allow us to seamlessly manage inventory logistics.

Access New, Profitable Markets

Retailers are constantly pursuing ways to grow revenue and gain share in new markets. We help you tap into the growing secondary market by expertly selling your surplus goods B2B or B2C. Based on your needs, we can implement multichannel direct-to-consumer strategies through our marketplace brands or create white-label branded experiences. With nearly 3.5 million registered buyers and comprehensive marketing and sales strategies, we sell your surplus to the right buyers for maximum investment recovery.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every aerospace and defense asset category:
  • General Merchandise
  • Apparel
  • Small Appliances
  • Laptops & Tablets
  • Phones
  • Housewares
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Store Pictures & Equipment
  • Tools & Machinery
  • Other Consumer Electronics

See Our Client Success Stories

Learn how we’ve delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world’s leading organizations.
''Liquidity Services is really good at making things disappear – a lot of different things... They do everything from equipment that we’ve had in our deli area to different types of shelving. Liquidity Services is probably more one of our first calls when we don’t know how to get rid of something.''- Multinational Department Store Chain
''We see Liquidity Services as having growth, which is important to us. They have the ability to tap into markets we can’t or don’t have the expertise to do well.''- Multinational Department Store Chain
''Liquidity Services’ size is a key differentiator.''- Leading Home Improvement and Construction Retailer
''Liquidity Services was uniquely positioned because they have a strong track record; they’re in multiple businesses and have many contacts in the market. They have a lot of wherewithal.''- Multinational Retail Corporation
''Liquidity Services is quick to react, helpful, and gives me a rep that’s always there for me.''- Leading Chain of Retail Warehouse Clubs
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