Develop, Launch, and Manage Your Profitable Presence on Top e-Commerce Sites

Liquidity Services research has found that most surplus buyers find and purchase items through the internet. Selling your surplus items on popular e-commerce sites and our Secondipity marketplace ensures you reach buyers where they’re most likely to be.
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Why E-commerce with Liquidity Services

Simplify Selling

By handling all aspects of your third-party marketplace experience, from initial platform setup to sales management to fulfillment and buyer customer support, we simplify selling and reduce your resources needed to profit from e-commerce.

Strengthen Brand Impressions

A professional, carefully managed presence across multiple e-commerce sites creates positive brand experiences for your customers, increasing loyalty and sales.

Benefit from Our Expertise

Tapping 18 years’ experience with our own e-commerce marketplaces, we execute a proven, efficient process for managing and fulfilling goods that ensures satisfaction for you and your customers.

How It Works

Five Steps to Maximum Recovery for Your Surplus.
Step 1: Build Your Branded Store or Marketplace

We can build your branded store on leading e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon,, and our Secondipity marketplace, or set up and manage a standalone online marketplace under your brand name.

Step 2: Set Up Product Listings

After evaluating your inventory flow, we create pricing, SKUs, and listings for items on your marketplace platforms. We post these items for sale across multiple marketplaces, sell them, and collect payment from buyers.

Step 3: Manage Logistics and Fulfillment

Before the sale, we receive and unload product shipments, catalog them with detailed descriptions and photos, and repackage them as needed. Post-sale we arrange drop shipping at low bulk rates and ensure all items arrive in a timely manner.

Step 4: Provide Buyer Customer Support

Before, during, and after the sale, we field questions and concerns from buyers, provide troubleshooting help, and handle any returns or refunds.

Step 5: Receive Analytics Report

After each sale you receive a detailed final analytics report spotlighting recovery achieved, number of bids and buyers, and additional insights.

Flexible solutions. Higher recovery.