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I have been sourcing merchandise for over 15 years – the more recent 9 of those years sourcing a good portion from With nearly 2,500 transactions, totaling over half a million dollars in the books, is a valued supplier for my growing business. In recent years I have focused on sourcing Clothing & Accessories from, however, I’ve sourced Books, Home Décor, Electronics and Housewares merchandise in previous years with equal success.

The reason for my success comes down to a 3-point formula: Research, Experience, Pick-up. On I took a lot of used TV remotes, purchased them for $500 and turned it around and profited over $10,000. The experience I’ve gained over the years, and the continued research I put in everyday is a large part of my success, however, the platform is one of the best places to source merchandise.

Jason Watson

Being new to the liquidation industry, I’m not able to take the risks from bigger, more established buyers. I started with as the reviews I read were positive, and they had a large selection of clothing, toys and baby products. Once the first few transactions were under my belt, I began to pick up on which lots were better than others, and quickly determine a potential profit margin based on the manifest and pictures. In no time I was turning a profit and starting to build up some momentum on my eBay channel.

I will continue to use as my source for customer returned and shelf pulled merchandise – they have a great selection and some wonderful customer service whenever I need some additional help.

Heather Hall

I jumped headfirst into the liquidation industry in July of 2016 and haven’t looked back. In my time buying exclusively from, I have purchased over 120 lots of merchandise ranging from Consumer Electronics & Accessories to Tools and Audio – all for around $30,000. With a profit margin of around 40% to date, I see this ‘side business’ turning into a full-time career. has helped to grow my business by having the top sellers in the retail space use their platform. Their offering of small lots up to truckloads has allowed me to scale my business at my own pace. My growth is directly related to their ability in getting the products most in demand on the secondary market, allowing my business to thrive every month. Their customer service is top notch and has answered any questions that I have had on lots before and after purchase. I look forward to continuing to use their service to grow my brand.

Christopher Sirois

Having sourced merchandise from since November 2014, I have purchased over 100 lots, spending nearly $25,000. My company has done very well purchasing from and as we succeed, we share our success storied on our social media outlets to other buyers in the industry. has made it straightforward to find the merchandise suited best for my business, and is located nearby so I can pick it up quickly in order to turn around for a profits and purchase again.

Daniel Kehl