A Solution for Your $1.75 Trillion Problem

Retailers and consumer brands lose an astonishing $1.75 trillion annually from out-of-stock, overstock, and returned goods (source: IHL Group). How much are surplus goods costing your business?

Partner with Liquidity Services to turn your surplus inventory into maximum recovery by selling it on our targeted online marketplaces. With a comprehensive suite of services, we help you reach millions of interested buyers; efficiently sell truckloads, pallet loads, and individual units of goods; and efficiently manage all aspects of the sale, from auction listing through buyer customer support and shipping.

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Total Management of Overstock, Returned, and Surplus Inventory


Turn returns into revenue. Liquidity Services partners with leading retailers and consumer brands to optimize their returns management programs globally.

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Profit from your surplus inventory. Liquidity Services’ customized sales approach ensures your goals are met within your timeframe and your recovery maximized.

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Efficiently sell through third-party marketplaces on your branded platform. Our e-commerce solutions ensure maximum recovery and positive brand impressions.

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Seller Self-Service

Simplify selling overstock and returned goods. We reduce your costs while increasing profits and speed of sale. We’ll still handle virtually every aspect of the sale.

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''I would recommend Liquidity Services for what they can bring: the experience they have if you’re looking for someone who understands how and where to move product in the consumer world.''- Multinational Software and Consumer Electronics Provider
''What I’m trying to do is optimize the value of that product for my organization. Liquidity Services plays a vital role with connecting people and buyers with product that still has a lot of residual value. They optimize value.''- Multinational Retail Corporation
''When I think of Liquidity Services, I think of a company that’s broad and can handle us. A company that’s solution oriented.''- Leading Upscale Fashion Retailer
''Liquidity Services has broad knowledge and possibilities in the whole supply chain – not just in purely liquidations, but also in the hard-to-resolve customer issues.''- Leading Provider of Hardware and Consumer Electronics
''Liquidity Services is really good at making things disappear – a lot of different things... They do everything from equipment that we’ve had in our deli area to different types of shelving. Liquidity Services is probably one of our first calls when we don’t know how to get rid of something.''- Leading Global Retailing Company
Flexible solutions. Higher recovery.