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Financial reporting. Business planning. Mergers and acquisitions. When your business needs asset valuation, select Liquidity Services. We have the most experience, the strongest commitment to service, and the proven ability to empower better decision making with market and asset insights.
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Expert Team of Valuation Professionals

Our dedicated valuation services team serves virtually every industry, from industrial manufacturing to retail. Liquidity Services has tackled just about every valuation challenge, from valuing 115 mining locations throughout the world to appraising a manufacturing facility in just ten days.

Unrivaled Asset, Industry, and Market Intelligence for Every Asset Valuation Scenario

Liquidity Services’ unmatched knowledge of valuation, industries, and asset categories ensures you get maximum value from every appraisal. Leveraging our unparalleled market database, we empower companies to drive decision making that supports strategic goals.

Strategic Consulting and Risk Analysis

Regardless of your industry, asset types, asset conditions, and valuation challenges, our expert team provides customized, strategic consulting to support your decision making. We also deliver detailed risk analysis reports tailored to your requirements.

Best-in-Class Analytics and Reporting

We follow up every valuation with a detailed report containing profile and market information for every asset in scope. By advising you on metrics for ongoing monitoring and conducting periodic asset inspections, we continue adding value long after the appraisal.

Proven Valuation Process

Our process uses future values to calculate accurate Total Cost of Ownership figures, a best practice that helps establish an effective system for asset redeployment and sale. Liquidity Services also specializes in fast, accurate asset valuations to meet your needs. We’ve delivered complete valuation reports within six weeks of project inception.

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