Returns Management

Returns Management

Turn returns into revenue. Liquidity Services partners with leading retailers and consumer brands to optimize their returns management programs globally. See our full suite a of services available.
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Liquidity Services manages all types of returns for our retailer and manufacturer clients, coming back from stores, consolidation centers, or directly from consumers.

Every solution is customized to meet the specific requirements of each client and product type; reduce cost in the areas of transportation, labor, operational space, inventory, and software; improve supply chain effectiveness and inventory efficiency through better access to data and positively impact the consumer experience.

We offer full systems and software training to your staff, or our experienced personnel can operate within your network. We perform network modeling to determine the optimal combination of warehouse locations for each solution and offer software-as-a-service solutions for clients to use in their own facilities.

Freight can be managed either by our experienced transportation team or by the client. Updated product data and specific client business rules are integrated into our returns management software to automate the receipt, processing, and disposition of items. Our systems will direct our returns team to capture data and condition information based on client business rules.

For store returns, we may receive an advanced ship notification, and for consumer returns, we would receive a daily open RA report so that our systems can generate detailed receipt and variance reports for our clients to use for crediting consumers, managing store compliance, and controlling inventory shrinkage.

We managed to agreed-upon service levels for receipt, processing, and reporting, particularly for consumer returns, where speed to credit the customer is paramount. Items are then sorted by disposition to maximize financial recovery; items that are still in new condition can be dropped shipped directly from our facility to fulfill a client order to a consumer, store, or distribution center.

Items are sorted by individual vendor when predetermined thresholds are reached by quantity, date, or dollar value, we reach out to the vendor to obtain return authorization, tender the shipment, and invoice the vendor on behalf of our client.

If recovery can be increased by refurbishing, repackaging, testing, grading, data wiping, or other services, we will stage product for those services before moving to a liquidate disposition. Items are evaluated and sorted by selling channel, condition, and category to maximize financial recovery.

A multi-channel selling strategy is implemented for each client program to test recovery and velocity in different channels, create competition, and ultimately drive up long-term financial recovery.

We can facilitate tax-deductible charitable donations on behalf of our clients. Items that have no remaining value or are required by the manufacturer to be destroyed can be destroyed with or without a certificate of destruction.

Whether we’re managing the operation in our buildings, managing the operation in our client’s facilities, or our clients are using our software in their buildings, every client has full visibility to all data through a customizable portal dashboard, direct data file exchange, and full access to our team.

We are Liquidity Services, your one-stop shop for all reverse supply chain services.

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Our solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements, including how much surplus you have, how you want to work with us, and how you want to sell your surplus.

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