Supercharge Your
Reverse Supply Chain

Constant product innovation, swiftly changing consumer preferences, and high return rates have created a need to manage the reverse supply chain. Overstock and returned inventory aren’t obstacles – they’re opportunities for adding value. An experienced partner trusted by half of the top 30 consumer brands, Liquidity Services can unleash this potential to support your goals.
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We Know Consumer Brands & OEMs

Get More from Your Reverse Supply Chain Partner

Faced with a highly competitive business environment, consumer brands and OEMs expect more from their reverse supply chain provider. We manage thousands of transactions in your industry every year, delivering optimal supply chain performance for the world’s largest consumer brands. Our unmatched secondary-market expertise and strategic pricing models that align vendor/client incentives ensure you continually receive maximum value from your reverse supply chain.

Make Overstock and Returned Inventory Work for You

Consumer experiences in the secondary market influence how they perceive a brand’s A goods – as well as the brand itself. Liquidity Services strengthens and protects your brand by delivering first-rate secondary-market experiences. Through high-quality merchandising with accurate product descriptions and compelling images, a dependable fulfillment network, and friendly, competent support teams, we ensure that every customer experience reinforces your brand goals.

Access New, Profitable Markets in Innovative Ways

Consumer brands and OEMs can remain ahead of the competition by tapping into new markets. We enable you to advance in secondary markets by selling goods through Liquidity Services’ proven B2B and B2C marketing and sales strategies. We can access buyers through our marketplace sites or create complete white-label branded experiences on yours. With 3.5 million registered buyers and a team of marketing and sales experts, we’re well-equipped to sell your returned and overstock goods for maximum recovery.

Stay Focused on Forward-Flow Performance

For consumer brands and OEMs, the complexities inherent to growth can sometimes present challenges. Don’t fall victim to your well-deserved success. Liquidity Services can manage the entire reverse supply chain across all of your locations, including return merchandise authorization, refurbishment, remarketing, customer support, and distribution and transportation. No matter the category, condition, or volume of surplus inventory, we can optimize your asset management program to deliver measurable results.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

In the reverse supply chain, resellers can easily gain access to hundreds of your items, posing serious risk to brand strength if your materials are mishandled or resold in poor condition. As a publicly traded company that partners with some of the world’s largest consumer brands, we are a high-integrity, stable, and transparent partner. We also provide a full suite of compliance services, from data wiping of electronics to delabeling of apparel, to ensure your products – and reputation – are protected.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every consumer brand and OEM inventory category:
  • Small Appliances
  •  Laptops
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Cameras
  • Computers

See Our Client Success Stories

Learn how we’ve delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world’s leading organizations.
''I would recommend Liquidity Services for what they can bring: the experience they have if you’re looking for someone who understands how and where to move product in the consumer world.''- Leading Provider of Hardware and Consumer Electronics
''We’re looking for total value and I think we’re getting that today with Liquidity Services.''- Multinational Consumer Goods Company
''Liquidity Services is dependable. And they understand how much we value the customer experience. They understand what we need to do.''- Multinational Software and Consumer Electronics Provider
''Liquidity Services has really nice people. Good, smart people.''- Multinational Information Technology Corporation
''I would recommend Liquidity Services for what they can bring: the experience they have if you’re looking for someone who understands how and where to move product in the consumer world.''- Multinational Software and Consumer Electronics Provider
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