Seamless Surplus Asset Management
from Discovery Through Sale

Effective surplus asset management helps you contain costs, optimize use of resources, and make smart investment recovery decisions that further sustainability initiatives. Liquidity Services’ proprietary AssetZone® software, a Software-as-a-Service solution used by many Fortune 1000 organizations, allows for more effective management of the entire asset lifecycle across all of your locations worldwide.
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The AssetZone® Advantage

Improved ROI

AssetZone enables value-based decision making across your organization. The transparent, real-time data AssetZone provides maximizes your return on investment by allowing you to strategically resell assets directly on Liquidity Services’ marketplace sites or redeploy them elsewhere within your organization.

User-Friendly Technology

AssetZone’s user-friendly interface includes robust features – from a bulk-upload option to automatic recording of asset status changes – that facilitate ease of adoption and use. Customizable user roles, data fields, and reporting options allow you to tailor AssetZone® to your organization’s needs.

Smooth Integration

AssetZone easily integrates into your existing systems with a sophisticated interface that allows data to transfer seamlessly. A fully cloud-hosted solution, AssetZone® requires no additional IT investment or resources.

Strategic Investment

Our dedicated development team ensures that AssetZone keeps pace with your evolving needs. We frequently release software updates that further enhance AssetZone’s global asset management capabilities. AssetZone® is an investment in better asset management today and tomorrow.

The AssetZone Process

AssetZone provides complete visibility into all surplus assets across your organization, empowering you to more effectively execute every stage of your asset management program.

Capture all asset data across your organization and identify assets with redeployment or resell potential.


Identify assets that require valuation, which can then be appraised by our expert valuation team to enable data-driven asset management decisions.


Facilitate redeployment across your organization by easily identifying, promoting, and requesting assets to be redeployed.


Easily mark assets for sale, schedule sales, and view results, facilitating ongoing asset disposition to generate maximum investment recovery.


Search for and request surplus or idle assets you need, efficiently filling resource gaps across your organization.


Monitor assets throughout the shipping and settlement lifecycle and electronically send shipping documentation.

Flexible solutions. Higher recovery.