Consumer Electronics Inventory That Just Won’t Sell?

Constant product innovation, swiftly changing consumer preferences and high return rates have created a dilemma for companies today with consumer electronics being the one industry being a risk for business owners.
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Consumer Electronics Have High Potential on the Aftermarket

The Consumer Electronics industry is exponentially growing with new product development, and planning for the changing demand can be challenging. The Product Adoption Curve plays a large role in how much inventory your business should have; however, with the ever-changing preferences, it is becoming increasingly harder to pinpoint who is going to buy what.

Let’s take cell phones for instance:

Apple and Samsung release a new phone every year. Most of the time you want to make sure your shelves are fully stocked to take full advantage of those Tech Enthusiasts and Visionaries who want the latest and greatest technology. You never want to turn away a guaranteed customer just because you didn’t stock your inventory to meet the demand.

When the hype goes in a different direction than expected you can’t sell your inventory as there is something newer and more exciting than what you have to offer. Not only are you sitting on these devices that lose value every day, but also all the accessories will be unwanted. Most of the time, newly released phones have slight design changes making them stand out as the newest version. These design changes make those thousands of phone cases, screen protectors, earbuds, and charging cords worthless to buyers. So how do you move the inventory you can’t seem to sell?

Well for Liquidity Services, it’s 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Identify, value and prepare your surplus
  2. Determine sale, redeployment or disposal method to be used
  3. Select sales channels targeting millions of registered buyers
  4. Liquidity Services handles everything from buyer vetting to asset removal
  5. Liquidity Services provides comprehensive post-sale reporting for review

Liquidity Services specializes in managing inventory businesses can’t sell on their own. If overstock inventory has lost its value on the retail market because it is no longer the most current version out there, Liquidity Services will take care of it. If you have outdated consumer electronics and can’t seem to gain any recovery, check out all the services Liquidity Services has to offer. We will work to get the best return for your assets every time.

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