First 3 Things to Master to Maximize Recovery for Cell Phone Lots

When looking to maximize your recovery on your Cell Phone auctions, there is one main question that should be on your mind. There are 3 key areas to master in order to maximize your recovery. You can achieve this by building trust with the buyers.
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Mastering These Can Help Build Loyalty with Buyers

The Manifest:

Mastering the manifest seems a lot more complicated than it should be. Your focus should be to ensure trust between you and the buyer. There are just a few key aspects that need to be included in every manifest. They are:

  • The number of items included in the lot
  • The retail price per unit
  • A brief description of what’s included

Ensuring that your manifest includes these 3 things will help create credibility for you as a seller. It will show the buyers that they can trust you.

Things to include in your lot description:

  • Model Numbers
  • MSRP
  • Color
  • Operating System
  • Carrier
  • Lock Status
  • Memory Size
  • Warranty Information

The description should include if accessories are included and if so what accessories.  It should have how they are packaged. Additional details such as memory size or any other testing information that they may have. Ensure that the buyers viewing your products can trust the products you are describing are what they will be getting.

The Condition:

The physical condition, good or bad, should be clearly stated. Such as the phone has a cracked screen, the buttons don’t work on the front, or the battery is missing the cover. Some sellers try to leave this information out thinking it will lead to a better sale, but it just leads to disputes.

Lock status is also extremely important. A phone can be in excellent Grade A condition, but because the phone is locked, it should be graded as Salvage. A locked phone can only be used for parts and thus would only fall in the Salvage category. The lock status should be in the description either way.

The Pictures:

Photos are a huge indicator of the quality of the lot. To maximize the recovery, including accurate pictures of the product will increase your credibility with the buyers. If you are unable to take pictures of all your lots, be sure to list that in the description. This should sound like; “The units pictured are not the exact units the buyer will receive.  The buyer will receive units in similar condition to those pictured.  Colors of the units may vary from those pictured.” This, of course, is not ideal for the buyer because they are unable to see exactly what they will be getting. If you can take pictures of the exact items, that is the most preferred method for these types of lots.

Some helpful photos to include are:

  • Group photos showing the fronts and backs of phones
  • Photos of individual phones that show cosmetic condition, such as scuffs, cracks, chips, etc.
  • Photos of the phones powered on (if they power on), showing the buyer whether the units are unlocked, reset, locked, etc.

Including these will, once again, establish credibility with the buyers. If you do not show the buyers what they are getting, they may feel like you are concealing the product and being dishonest. They want to buy your products, but only if they know what they are getting.

Being as thorough and honest as possible when describing your cell phone lots are going to be vital for your recovery. The description should include relevant information for the buyer. Although some sellers won’t know all the information about all their lots, the more info you can provide the better. The way the auction marketplace works is that there is an established buyer base for every category on the site.

Giving the buyers a clear understanding of what you are selling will establish a strong credibility of who you are and the quality of your products.

Optimum recovery and continued success come from consistent selling exposure and tenure, with additional help from seasoned Account Managers. If you have specific questions about listing your surplus assets, be sure to consult your assigned Account Manager. They will provide personal, detailed guidance in achieving maximum success on our marketplaces.

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