Increasing Revenue on Refurbished Units for Large OEM

Increasing Revenue on Refurbished Units for Large OEM


days to set up brand-controlled eBay store


days for eBay store to achieve Top Seller status


units sold in one hour during a single holiday promotion


A large OEM found that almost half a billion dollars of its product was selling on eBay through third party sellers. While selling new merchandise to retailers was a core expertise for the OEM, the organization had less experience in the area of resale of refurbished product to consumers or the secondary markets. The OEM became concerned with brand perception and service on eBay and consumer marketplaces and looked for a company capable of representing its brand by effectively managing inventory and providing world-class fulfillment and customer service.


Liquidity Services utilized its expertise in running online secondary marketplaces for resale and worked closely with the OEM to set up and manage its eBay Store, which debuted August 2011. As its trusted partner, the OEM’s inventory was taken into our warehouse network to achieve the velocity and quality assurance required for product flow. Because the buying experience in secondary markets is just as important as the customer’s experience in traditional retail channels, Liquidity Services also set up dedicated customer service to handle any customer inquiries from its eBay Store customers.


Timing was critical as service and customer perception of the brand in the secondary market leads to overall customer growth and increase in positive brand awareness. Within 15 days, Liquidity Services had the company’s eBay store up and running successfully. Results included the following:

  • The OEM store realized Top Rated Seller Status at record pace.
  • In December 2011, just in time for the holiday rush, Liquidity Services managed the execution and fulfillment of a 10,500 unit promotion within the short span of 62 minutes.
  • Liquidity Services has since opened up new avenues for the OEM to support its broader efforts in maximizing its brand perceptions in consumer marketplaces and the secondary market.
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