Leading Semiconductor Company Meets Timeline to Sell Used Vacuum Pumps

Leading Semiconductor Company Meets Timeline to Sell Used Vacuum Pumps


increased value over forecasted sale price


vacuum pumps to sell


month from contract to asset sale and removal


A large, global, semiconductor company had 70 vacuum pumps stored in one of its sub fab facilities, where they had been idle. The space where these items were held was high-value property for usage and the company needed to dispose of these assets quickly in order to use the space for an updated manufacturing plant.


The site where the vacuum pumps were stored was somewhat inaccessible and due to security regulations, visitors were not allowed on property. This storage space was in demand and so a tight one month timeframe was necessary to complete the sale of these specialized assets. With viewing of the equipment an impossibility, Liquidity Services drew on its previous client experience and market data to gather descriptive information about the assets and began marketing their availability through its auction website.


In spite of the tight timeframe and limited information, Liquidity Services received three qualified buyer offers to purchase the entire lot of items, the client’s preference. The semiconductor company selected the highest bid and the disposition was handled rapidly with high attention to detail and commitment to compliance. The equipment was removed efficiently by a reliable freight forwarder referred to the client by Liquidity Services. The client was pleased with the project results which provided a six figure return and helped it to avoid highly expensive scrapping costs.

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