Multinational Automotive Manufacturer Achieves Compliance and Maximizes Recovery in Reverse Supply Chain

Multinational Automotive Manufacturer Achieves Compliance and Maximizes Recovery in Reverse Supply Chain

$7 million

total program value achieved for client

6 years

and counting of successful client partnership

Compliance Services

provided throughout process


Our client is a multinational corporation with over 1.76 million cars sold in 2014 that designs and manufactures vehicles. Since 2009, Liquidity Services has partnered with the client’s joint venture in China – where it’s one of the biggest automotive manufacturers – to provide comprehensive surplus asset management solutions.

After experiencing tremendous growth in China in the 2000s, the client accelerated its asset upgrade cycle to enhance technology and efficiency so it could meet customers’ increasing demands for cutting-edge, high-end vehicles. Faced with an unprecedented volume of surplus equipment and parts as a result of this change, the client sought a provider to maximize return for these assets while ensuring compliance with strict health and safety requirements.


Liquidity Services partners closely with the client to maximize value for its surplus asset management program. Tapping proven multichannel marketing and sales strategies and a global base of buyers across a wide range of industries, Liquidity Services sells the client’s surplus for optimal return.

Liquidity Services differentiates itself by providing expert compliance and risk mitigation services. We adhere to and educate clients and potential buyers about all health and safety regulations throughout the management, valuation, and removal of the client’s assets. Liquidity Services also ensures assets sold to buyers in different countries are exported in compliance with all international laws and regulations.

We facilitate asset removal by working closely with the client to safely and effectively remove surplus from its facilities. This often entails supervising and guiding buyers as they dismantle and remove assets from complex projects.


Since 2009, we’ve achieved over $7 million in total program value for this client. We also support the client’s sustainability efforts by providing environmentally-friendly disposal of assets that otherwise would have been scrapped. In our full-service model, we not only maximize recovery for surplus but provide compliance services for sensitive assets and manage all aspects of asset removal. This allows our client to minimize time spent on asset management and focus on its expanding core business.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.