New Year Means New Recovery Opportunities

Many companies stop measuring the success of their products after the customer purchases the product and leaves the store or is shipped and delivered on time. However, retailers and manufacturers lose millions annually from out-of-stock, overstock, and returned goods
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Liquidity Services Helps Companies Recover Lost Opportunities

The reverse supply chain is less predictable than the forward supply chain. It’s challenging to anticipate precisely when and in what volumes goods will end up in reverse supply chains. As a result, organizations struggle to effectively plan for and allocate resources in this area, which leads to lost opportunities to see recovery on returned goods. Adding to this challenge, returned goods may be in poor or mediocre condition when they reach the reverse supply chain. This causes added stress and difficulty reselling the inventory.

Liquidity Services, an expert partner, has flexible reverse supply chain programs that can scale up and down as quantities of goods fluctuate. We have the size and scale to efficiently reconcile, manage, and sell surplus inventory by the pallet across your entire operation or to sell smaller quantities to consumers via B2C marketing channels.

We leverage multichannel marketing and sales strategies to find buyers for inventory regardless of its condition.

Returns Management:

Turn returns into revenue. Liquidity Services partners with leading retailers and consumer brands to optimize their returns management programs globally.

Asset Recovery:

Profit from your surplus inventory. Liquidity Services’ customized sales approach ensures your goals are met within your timeframe and your recovery maximized.


Efficiently sell through third-party marketplaces on your branded platform. Our e-commerce solutions ensure maximum recovery and positive brand impressions.

Seller Self-Service:

Simplify selling overstock and returned goods. We reduce your costs while increasing profits and speed of sale. We’ll still handle virtually every aspect of the sale.

There is no better time to rethink your returns management solutions. Partner with Liquidity Services to turn your surplus, returned, and damaged inventory into maximum recovery by selling it on our targeted online marketplaces.

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