Protecting Your Brand Identity

Returned merchandise can be frustrating and inevitable while doing business in the secondary market. In fact, more than $300 billion worth of goods is returned annually, costing retailers and consumer brands an estimated 4.4% of revenue. Managing efficiency, complexity and costs for your programs have challenged some to think outside the box to maintain order for their returns management program. For most, it has led to outsourcing this area to a proven partner.
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Taking Precautionary Measures Will Help Protect Your Image

When managing a 3rd party service provider, there are always questions and concerns about your brand image and your brand identity. Secondary markets can be fraught with risk and without appropriate guidance, your brand could be negatively impacted.

As a best practice, sensitive items, such as consumer electronics, must have their data wiped before being sold to avoid merchandise from being sold with sensitive information intact. Since most buyers of surplus are resellers, keeping the customers’ sensitive information safe and wiped from all devices will help protect your brand image and identity.

Your top priority while managing and selling surplus is to protect your business and its reputation from all risks associated with the aftermarket. Liquidity Services uses proven, industry-standard data wiping processes to ensure surplus assets are never sold containing confidential information. In addition, Liquidity Services also provides buyer vetting services to ensure assets aren’t sold to illicit buyers. Liquidity Services is the provider ensuring your brand and customers are safe.

Liquidity Services’ solutions takes extra measures to ensure brands are secure by adding value to the returns process in several areas. Our in-house refurbishment center refurbishes select goods to increase recovery potential, mitigate the risk through data removal and protect your brand in the secondary marketplace with de-branding, de-labeling, and repackaging solutions.

Delivering exceptional service in secondary markets is also a top concern as customer service expectations are increasing and it’s hard to maintain the same level of customer support in all areas of the business. The same customer who enjoyed a top-notch in-store engagement might have a frustrating experience in secondary markets. When a company cannot maintain the same image and customer service it could potentially cost the retailer their brand loyalty.

Retailers should partner with vendors who have dedicated customer service departments, like Liquidity Services, who offers responsive, available customer service that can communicate with customers across time zones and languages. Representatives act as friendly, helpful and knowledgeable representatives of the brand and can answer any questions from potential buyers.

Maximize recovery for returns by making sure your brand reaches secondary-market buyers through their preferred purchasing channels. Liquidity Services offers comprehensive omnichannel marketing and sales solutions to reach and convert potential surplus buyers wherever they’re looking.

When deciding who you want to use as a returns management program, find a solution, and company, you can trust and one who has a proven track record of protecting their partners.

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