Reduce, Reuse, Re-Think Sustainability in Your Company

According to a recent Nielsen survey, six out of ten consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. Today, organizations can intelligently integrate sustainability initiatives into their core business. Focusing on this will pay off in terms of increased efficiency, reduced resources, and more loyal customers.
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Opportunities for Improving Sustainability

Retailers can boost sustainability metrics by following the “R” Cycle in returns management. This cycle is: reuse, refurbish, re-commerce, redistribute, and recycle.

Liquidity Services will support and enhance sustainability initiatives in your returns program. We will eliminate waste and defer goods from landfills by reselling your returned goods on the secondary market or recycling them as appropriate.

Items once destined for landfills can now be used to power small businesses or help realize entrepreneurial dreams. The capital they return can help drive innovation, enhance operations and ensure financial stability for your business.

For the items needing to be disposed, Liquidity Services will also provide a solution that is environmentally friendly. For example, computing equipment needs to be specially disposed as it includes precious metals and hazardous materials. Many types of goods face waste management regulations. We will have the expertise to help you avoid regulatory breaches and unnecessary costs.

Surplus management solutions don’t just help you meet sustainability goals, they also generate profits and cost savings. The same proven sales processes and marketing solutions that find new homes for your surplus items also generate valuable recovery for these items. Redeploying items within your organization saves you tremendous capital by allowing you to avoid purchasing new.

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