Scan.N.$ell Boosts Recovery Rate 40% for Large Hardware Retailer

Scan.N.$ell Boosts Recovery Rate 40% for Large Hardware Retailer


overall recovery rate using Scan.N.$ell


recovery rate on product $500+


recovery increase over pre-Scan.N.$ell rates


This U.S.-based retail home-improvement chain sells a wide variety of brands and products. Categories include hand-held tools and home furnishings, as well as riding lawnmowers and large home appliances in stores across the US.

Managing a high volume of product of varying size and value, the company specifically needed a solution to help speed the rate of recovery on cancelled and returned appliance orders that was both efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time improving the buyer experience.

Facing mounting volumes of idle open-box product in numerous locations, it was important for the company to work with a partner that not only understood their need for more rapid recovery across the board but could provide an in-house service with minimal required support and without a significant investment.

Based on our extensive experience with large-scale asset-liquidation, the retailer ultimately selected Liquidity Services and Scan.N.$ell, our proprietary, self-service mobile-app-based solution that enables clients to recover product value and resell to end consumers by leveraging Liquidity Services’ various online marketplace services.


Liquidity Services took best practices learned from 15+ years of serving many of the worlds largest and most successful retailers and channeled them into Scan.N.$ell with a customized, turn-key arrangement that helped meet the company’s need for its unique product-recovery challenges. Liquidity deployed the app in a pilot program at a third-party-managed fulfilment center that serviced multiple store regions, helping maximize recovery velocity and maintain a vastly decreased rate of idle product in a practical, sustainable and client-controlled process.

Scan.N.$ell helped accelerate the rate of recovery and minimize process adoption challenges by allowing the client to use the app-based Scan.N.$ell platform to list product on top marketplaces and provide the maximum buyer-base for the best recovery.

Through Scan.N.$ell, Liquidity Services managed the listing, pricing, payment-processing and customer service and reporting, which allowed the company to eliminate extra expenditure and recoup a high percentage of the ultimate selling price by selling directly from each store or distribution center, thereby avoiding transportation and handling costs and third-party mark-ups.


The Scan.N.$ell pilot program helped the client demonstrate strong demand and consumer confidence in broad categories and open-box product and generated significant incremental increases in web traffic. Recovery rates registered a dramatic increase of 40 percent when compared to pre-Scan.N.$ell results.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.