Short-Term Fix VS. Long-Term Solution

Almost every company deals with inventory they can’t sell in a variety of forms such as; returns, overstock, or end of product life. However, when it comes to managing these excess items, companies tend to look for a quick short-term fix to their problem.
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Liquidity Services Partners with Companies to Offer Solutions

For many companies, managing excess inventory is an annoying issue that just keeps popping up. Dealing with the problem takes away time and effort you can use for your core business. This leads to decisions to find the quickest fix to the problem so your workforce can bring their focus back to what drives your business. Short-term fixes seem to handle the problem at the moment, but over time, the recovery remains stagnant or declines and you are unable to keep a steady recovery on your assets. Short-term fixes also produce an unreliable buyer base, meaning you may never know if you will be able to get rid of your surplus inventory.

Long-term solutions create a systematic process to manage surplus. They allow you to partner with a service provider who has expertise in the reverse supply chain field. These types of service providers give you the support your business needs to sell inventory as quickly as possible with the highest possible recovery.

A great example of this type of service provider is, a Liquidity Services Marketplace. Experts guide your team in creating an asset sale plan to meet the right balance between recovery and velocity. When you sign up as a partner, you are assigned a dedicated account manager to walk you through the process to get you started thinking long-term. They are there to help you succeed in the aftermarket. is Marketplace solution for companies looking for a strong and consistent place to sell their surplus. The website has over three million registered users, and more bidders equal higher recovery and reliable sales solution. These are buyers looking for the inventory you can’t sell. They are small business owners and entrepreneurial people who are running a business with the help of your inventory.

Beyond, Liquidity Services has expertise in streamlining reverse logistics processes. These include comprehensive returns management, asset recovery, e-commerce, and self-service.

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