The Story of Surplus Inventory

The Story of Surplus Inventory

The latest Smartphones and tablets; machinery to assemble cars, prints books, packages our snacks…what happens when a business no longer needs these assets? Surplus inventory may have lost its life at your warehouse, but its story is only beginning with Liquidity Services as your partner.
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We bring new life to surplus, used and obsolete assets, maximizing value for clients, buyers and the environment.

The Story of Surplus starts at one of Liquidity Services North American warehouses. Products arrive from all over the US, including the US Department of Defense, ranging from diesel engines to pianos and everything in-between.

Once in our warehouse, items are organized in lots to maximize the potential recovery.  The lotting team generates listings for our online marketplaces where millions of registered buyers find value through our auctions.

Buyers range from resellers to small business owners and enterprising individuals who are looking for inventory in all conditions. Surplus inventory comes is a variety of conditions with our buyers looking for everything from shelf-pulls to broken and damaged goods.

Our innovated tablet app also makes it fast and convenient for buyers to schedule and complete pickups.

Some warehouses also operate a retail outlet offering consumer items from hardcover books, to cameras and jackets. Liquidity Services is an expert reverse supply chain provider for industrial, retail, government surplus, and excess inventory. We have 10 unique marketplaces for specific types of inventory in order to maximize your visibility to specialized buyers.

Through Liquidity Services, items once destined for landfills are now used to power small businesses, or help realize entrepreneurial dreams. With the capital they return to the government, and commercial businesses, further drive innovation, enhance operations and ensure financial stability.

The Story of Surplus never ends; it’s the story of ingenuity, of using the unwanted, the neglected, and the overlooked as the fuel to power your future.

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