Turning Cushions to Cash

Turning Cushions to Cash

60 Truckloads

Unsold Merchandise Overloading this Retailer

30 Days

Deadline for Liquidity Services to Liquidate the Truckloads

2 Days

Time it Took for Liquidity Services to Complete Liquidation

Home improvement leader hires Liquidity Services to liquidate patio furniture … in just two days.


For most retailers, there are multiple seasonalities. This past December, just before the holiday returns crunch, this leading home improvement retailer found themselves overloaded with 60 unsold full truckloads of aging patio furniture spread across the country in four fulfillment centers. Due to warehouse network and merchandising changes, they needed all units removed over the December holiday season.

Historically, they had used a donation model to remove excess inventory. However, often donation networks could not absorb all the inventory on short notice. Nor did this result in a meaningful EBITA impact.


We partnered with their fulfillment centers to liquidate all FTLs (full truckloads) within 30 days. The first trucks shipped within one day to Liquidity Services’ warehouses, where they were processed for both D2C & small lot B2B sales. The remaining product was distributed among many small retail stores and small businesses using our Direct Sales channel. We managed the entire process, from arranging the sale, through warehousing through shipping, so that they didn’t have to.

What was unique about this sale was that it was unplanned, with virtually no little lead time. But that didn’t slow us down …


Liquidity Services, Inc. was able to arrange disposition of their patio furniture in just under two days. We moved the inventory lightning-fast and obtained the desired recovery rate.

It’s one way we help our clients support their commitment to sustainability, responsible product sourcing and diminished environmental impact.

Try a Pilot Program

Piloting a reverse logistics program is an ideal way to begin working with us. If you’re new to outsourced RL, a pilot program is a great way to test the waters without a long-term commitment. We’ll manage everything for you so you can stay focused on your core retail business.

If you’re looking for a longer-term, more in-depth multichannel asset recovery and returns management program – and we think everyone should be – we’re the right partner for that too. As the leading reverse logistics provider, we’ve been helping F100 retailers develop smart RL strategies for over 20 years:

  • Multiple B2B and D2C auction marketplaces
  • Negotiated direct sales channels
  • Nationwide network of warehouses and transportation centers
  • Multiple ways to dispose of excess

We can help you get maximum recovery with minimal hassles.

To learn how Liquidity Services can power a more profitable reverse logistics strategy for you, call us at 800.310.4604 ext. 5500 or email [email protected].

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