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Whether you are new to the aftermarket or have been using secondary marketplaces for years now, the Liquidity Services Account Managers are dedicated to bringing you the industry expertise no one else can offer.
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Personalized Advice Helps Maximize Companies’ Potential

Liquidity Services was founded in 1999, making it one of the oldest reverse supply chain partners in the industry. Through the years, Liquidity Services has discovered some of the best practices and industry secrets to being successful in the aftermarket.

That’s why Liquidity Services assigns dedicated account managers to every company who partners with us. We are dedicated to helping your company succeed in our marketplace platforms.

Our dedicated account managers are there to help answer questions and give you advice while listing on our marketplaces. They have been trained with the best industry knowledge to increase recovery to its maximum potential and will work closely with your company to learn how your products perform. Acting as your expert in the aftermarket, our account managers are here to help you succeed.

A few of our top retail sellers shared these comments with us:

“I pride myself and team on being a top seller on I love working with my account manager who continues to help our account grow. We are able to close multiple auctions daily with recovery exceeding our expectations. With the help of my account manager and the rest of the team, I am able to move product quickly and efficiently and continue to have room to bring in new products to sell. Thanks, Liquidity!”

– Online_Sales_Group

“We have been a frequent buyer and seller on for the last few years and are extremely pleased with the relationship we have formed with their team.  The customer service, for both buying and selling, is amazing.  We work directly with account managers who go above and beyond to satisfy our business needs.  We love how they help make running our business easier and more efficient.  They respect us and make us feel valued.  We have never had a company work so hard to please us and ensure our success.  To me, that is what makes stand out.”

– Maxbuckets

“The service experience is unparalleled.  We work hand in hand with our account manager.  She has a deep understanding of the marketplace and buyer base, making her a powerful asset for our company.   Thanks to the ongoing support and efficient sales platform, we can consistently move large quantities of computers and electronics, while recovering revenue.”

– SoCalWholesale

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