YouTube: An Opportunity for Engagement

Today’s consumers are finding themselves online more often than not. For many businesses, social media is a small aspect of their online strategy and is frequently pushed to the side. However, social media platforms are becoming a place where consumers are looking to move the dialog.
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YouTube Offers Different Opportunities for Businesses Online Strategy

Building an online presence is only the first part of a social media strategy. Maintaining and engaging your following will not only retain but also grow your online presence. Without a strong engagement from your consumers, your online work might be futile.

Chris Sirois, a buyer for, jumped headfirst into the retail reverse logistics industry in July of 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He started his own YouTube channel under the name ‘LiquidationOH’ where he discusses how to buy and resell retail merchandise on the secondary market. From the popular ‘unboxing’ videos to giveaways, Chris has amassed thousands of subscribers with viral traction on his videos.

Chris explains, “People want to follow a story. They want to see your successes but also your failures.” Finding a way to give your consumers a story to follow will intrigue them and give purpose to keep coming back. “I think that’s what people are looking for on YouTube. People like to see what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. So, I try to keep them engaged day-by-day by showing them how I buy and sell liquidation and also how to educate themselves.”

One great way businesses can utilize YouTube is to challenge your audience to find information on your website, then offer discount codes for the winners and announce them on live videos. It’s a great way to bring your business to a personal level where you can interact with the consumers as things are happening.

YouTube offers companies an opportunity to engage with consumers in a way other social media platforms can’t. From giving people an opportunity to visually see what a company does to increasing engagement touchpoints with your audience, YouTube is a platform companies should include in their online social strategy.

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