Customized, flexible management of
returns and excess inventory


Turn excess inventory and returns into cash

Is your reverse logistics process draining cash flow, space, labor, or taking attention away from your core business of promoting new merchandise?

Many retailers struggle with reverse logistics, hamstrung by inefficient processes, single-channel sales, or only focus on short-term recovery. The truth is, to maximize the recovery value for your returns, you need to look at the critical processes that affect the entire lifecycle.

By strategically managing your reverse logistics, you can:

  • Save around 20% of cost on each returned item
  • Improve margins by 3% to 15%
  • Save the planet billions of tons of waste
What if reverse logistics could generate revenue and help you achieve your sustainability goals?

Focus on total recovery value

Retailers sometimes focus on incomplete metrics to determine recovery value. To get the best value for your returns, we recommend identifying critical processes that affect the entire lifecycle of the return. If a product is received, triaged, and sorted optimally, refurbished, then sold through the right channels, you will get maximum recovery.

Make these efficient and they will drive the dollars

Getting optimal net recovery requires expertise
across the 4 Rs of reverse logistics

One size does not fit all

Most reverse logistics providers focus on a single niche, category, condition, or geography, or offer inflexible solutions like DIY-only or full-service only, and are not equipped to help with all four Rs. At Liquidity Services, we match the best solution to fit your individual situation with an adaptable, holistic, integrated program that pays off in improved recovery rates.


Liquidity Services offers you more

Get a full suite of services that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, maximize recovery, and ensure sustainability


  • B2B online auctions
  • B2B negotiated sales
  • D2C third-party marketplaces
  • D2C proprietary marketplaces


  • Sell in place
  • Sell from our warehouse
  • Flexible inventory processing and selling—your location or ours
  • Single service or comprehensive returns management


  • 4.9M+ business buyers
  • Single asset buyers
  • Pallet buyers
  • Truckload buyers


  • Publicly traded (NASDAQ: LQDT)
  • 15,000 clients worldwide
  • $10B completed transactions



What is your BHAG
(Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

• Highest recovery?
• Maximum velocity?
• Lower returns processing costs?
• Reduce waste and carbon emissions?

Reverse Logistics Management

Reverse Logistics Management

  • Full-service
  • Resale
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Handling
  • Processing/fulfillment
  • Reporting

Improve total recovery value and gain visibility into your reverse logistics operation

Returns Management

Returns Management

  • Product receipt
  • Inspection
  • Disposition
  • Unbundling
  • Credit processing
  • Scan ‘n Sell
  • Re-kitting
  • Return to retailer/vendor

Integrate seamlessly with your retail operation and systems

Multichannel Selling

Multichannel Selling

  • B2B online auctions
  • B2B negotiated sales
  • D2C third-party marketplaces
  • D2C proprietary marketplaces

Reach single-asset, pallet, truckload buyers plus consumers, and sell more items faster



  • E-commerce sites like Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, and dozens more
  • Proprietary direct buyer network

4.9+ million registered buyers worldwide



  • Sorting
  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Parts replacement
  • Repackaging
  • Data wiping
  • Delabeling
  • Debranding

Breathe new life into electronics and other repairable items



  • Multiple locations in US and Canada
  • Product from stores, DCs, or consumers
  • Sell direct from warehouse
  • New, overstock, open box, defective, salvage, scrap, damaged

Strategically located warehouses to reduce freight and cut cross-country travel



  • Network remapping
  • Load ‘n Sell
  • Upstream freight management
  • Flexible outbound shipping
  • Direct-dock pickup
  • Drop-ship from your marketplaces

Flexible options save money, cut touches, and get product to buyers quicker

Trusted by leading retailers worldwide

Solving reverse logistics challenges for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers, and governments

What can you sell on our marketplaces? Just about anything . . .

• Books and music
• Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
• Computers and networking
• Electronics and video

• General merchandise
• Health and beauty
• Home, garden, and office products
• Musical instruments

• Sports and outdoor equipment
• Store fixtures and equipment
• Tools and machinery
• Toys, kids, and baby items

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Automated software optimizes pallets automatically

Boosted recovery for leading global retailer by 2x

The real cost of returns

Approximately $650B worth of goods are returned each year globally

 89% of all online shoppers say return policies determine where they shop

 US retailers spend 16.6% of total sales on returns*

 Returns put a strain on your stores and warehouse space

 Returns have a direct impact on our planet; roughly 6 billion pounds go to landfills each year

Our customers say it best

“Liquidity Services is quick to react, helpful, and gives me a rep that’s always there for me.”

– Leading Chain of Retail Warehouse Clubs

“We see Liquidity Services as having growth, which is important to us. They have the ability to tap into markets we can’t or don’t have the expertise to do well.”

– Multinational Department Store Chain

“Liquidity Services’ size is a key differentiator.”

– Leading Home Improvement and Construction Retailer

“Liquidity Services was uniquely positioned because they have a strong track record; they’re in multiple businesses and have many contacts in the market. They have a lot of wherewithal.”

– Multinational Retail Corporation

Contact us to become a retail seller

Contact us to become a retail seller

*Data courtesy Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data.