Acer-a-Day Giveaway Rewards Buyers on

For a two-week period this summer, our buyers had an opportunity to win a free Acer product. Buyers were registered for a chance to win in the giveaway by placing a bid on any auction for Acer products or by sending an email to a designated email address on a given day.

Over the period of this contest, we saw an increase in interest for our Acer products on, as well as an uptick in traffic to our site and sales, increasing overall awareness of Acer consumer electronics merchandise. Our buyers were excited about the promotion and we were able to give away a total of 19 Acer products, including laptops, monitors, and tablets!

As the official remarketer for Acer refurbished products, allows buyers to obtain bargain bulk lots of computers, netbooks and tablets, perfect for reselling or to split amongst a group. To learn more about bidding on our Acer products or any of our other 500 product categories at visit our Buyer FAQs page. Here you’ll find useful information about becoming a buyer. You may also want to check out our Buyer Education Center for tips on starting your own business via the resale of items purchased on the site.

First things first, you must be registered to bid, which is an easy, free process. Follow these simple guidelines to start bidding on products from apparel to sporting goods to top consumer electronics. We hope you will register and look forward to seeing your bids on as well as our other Liquidity Services’ marketplaces.

If you are a consumer looking for back-to-school shopping and spending tips, we hope you’ll read the recent Today article featuring our retail marketplace for consumers, Secondipity. If you are a retailer looking to transform your supply chain and enhance your branding and sustainability efforts with a trusted partner, please contact our team.