Applying Learnings from the Reverse Supply Chain in Space

Innovative remanufacturing solutions have now gone beyond Earth’s surface! This past month, NASA announced funding for a project that would investigate the possibility of recycling and remanufacturing in space.

NASA has historically been on the forefront of technological progress. The agency conducts research that is critical to the understanding and application of space sciences. NASA has partnered with the California based group, Made in Space, to develop plastic recycling systems for creating 3D printer feedstock in-orbit. According to NASA, “An automated in-space recycling system for 3D printer feedstock will provide game-changing resupply benefits including but not limited to mass reduction, mission reliability increases, and decreased reliance on resupply from earth.”

The reverse supply chain can benefit our planet, both on the surface and in space. Extending the life of surplus is sustainable and innovative. While approached differently than in the above example, remanufacturing is part of the comprehensive service offering Liquidity Services provides in the reverse supply chain. We extend the life of surplus by optimizing and executing surplus asset management and disposition globally for leading companies in a range of industries – from biopharma to energy to product manufacturing and retail.

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