Being Sustainable with Surplus and Engaging an Experienced Provider for Earth Day

April 22, 2015, marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, with individuals and businesses worldwide demonstrating their commitment to protecting our environment. This day holds special significance to the staff at Liquidity Services, as sustainability best practices are a focal point of our organization. On Earth Day – and every day – Liquidity Services’ philosophy of “reuse, redeploy, resell, recycle” supports our clients’ green initiatives. We use our multi-channel marketing strategies to extend the life of surplus assets and defer excess inventory from landfills, selling refurbished products, idle assets, and returned or excess inventory in virtually any condition across our B2B and B2C online and offline channels.

The sale and purchase of surplus ensures new homes and uses are found for items that otherwise may negatively impact the environment. But this is just one benefit of utilizing the reverse supply chain. By offering our clients’ surplus to our global base of nearly three million registered buyers, clients add to their bottom lines while buyers find what they need at prices they can afford.

Locating affordable options has become particularly critical as a new trend in retail is emerging. A recent Washington Post article states that the days of “40 percent off” sales are coming to an end, noting that “some retailers are trying to put the brakes on their years-long promotional ride”, hoping to sell items at full-price year-round. While retailers plan to find methods other than sales to draw customers, Liquidity Services’ marketplaces offer great value to buyers every day. Both our clients and buyers know they are engaging in sustainable practices and making savvy business decisions when utilizing the secondary market.  

Through our sustainability initiatives, Liquidity Services has recycled over 135 million pounds of electronic scrap, nearly 50 million pounds of rubber scrap, and over 25 million pounds of paper/cardboard scrap. Measurable results such as these are key for today’s business leaders, whose environmental reporting requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.

As a thought leader in the corporate sustainability arena, Liquidity Services has published relevant articles in leading trade publications such as Reverse Logistics Magazine, resulting in awards and recognition for our ability to move business forward while benefitting society. Over the years we have taken our sustainability mission global, increasing the impact on our planet. To learn more about our sustainability efforts and the innovative ways we support our clients’ goals, please contact us.