Bill Angrick Provides Expertise on International Supply Chain Trends

Liquidity Services is best known for its seven online marketplaces catering to business buyers, small businesses, and consumers, across a wide range of product categories. Those products may even include the sale of large equipment, including industrial plants. In its October issue, Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International Magazine featured Bill Angrick as an expert on the international supply chain trends around global plant relocation.

“One of the catalysts for selling on our platform is the repositioning of global supply chains. So we still see a lot of equipment originating in Europe and North America being sold outside those regions to places like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Depending on the industry, we expect that macro trend to continue,” said Mr. Angrick, in the article entitled “New trends shake up trading patterns.”

Mr. Angrick also mentioned the types of clients the company works with; “capital intensive global industries with high rates of innovation.” This includes energy, biopharma, semiconductor, transportation (including aerospace, automotive, and logistics), and global consumer packaged goods manufacturers — all which “have a desire for a centrally managed plant and equipment process.”

A major trend across all the verticals where the company provides its leading surplus and asset management solutions is the focus on corporate sustainability. “If there is an idle piece of equipment which is no longer needed in one location, the client wants to see whether any other locations desire to re-use that before it is sold. So we have an asset management solution called AssetZone®, which is used by those plants to share information and see whether there is a redeployment opportunity. If not, the equipment goes to our online auction,” said Mr. Angrick.

To learn more about the international trends around second-hand industrial plants and equipment, see the full article in Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International Magazine. To learn more about our efficient solutions for your surplus assets and inventory, please contact Liquidity Services.