Unlocking the Opportunity of Surplus Asset Disposal

Disposing of surplus assets presents an opportunity for purchasing functions to deliver a new kind of value to the organization.
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Have you ever considered the potential value of idle equipment and unused assets? Is it possible there is a way to get rid of surplus assets and actually generate income in the process? 

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain insight from some of the top leaders in industry and learn about opportunities and methodologies to not only simplify the process of disposing of surplus assets, but actually transform it into new streams of income for your business. 

Liquidity Services has worked in collaboration with Procurement Leaders to outline the opportunity for procurement professionals to deliver a new kind of value for their organizations through the disposal of surplus assets. 

In this free whitepaper, you’ll learn: 

  • Best practices for converting unused assets into free capital. 
  • How to leverage online markets to drive interest from a global buyer base. 
  • Different ways to extract value from idle or unused assets. 



Liquidity Services and Procurement Leaders sat down for a LinkedIn Live event to discuss the white paper, answer questions from the audience, and shed more light on the opportunities of surplus asset disposal.

Featured Speaker

Elizabeth Maxted
Vice President and General Manager,
Capital Assets Group, North America
Liquidity Services

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