Case Study: Consumer Goods Company Taps Liquidity Services to Protect Brand Equity, Achieve Exceptional Recovery

Developing strategic solutions for surplus assets is our expertise as a trusted surplus assets management partner to many of the leading companies across the globe. Just as there are different surplus asset types, every project requires its own approach.

In one case, the Philippines division of a global consumer goods company, which annually produces more than 15 million pounds of scrap metal, worked with Liquidity Services to extend and sustain their zero landfill waste policy. The company was also committed to maintaining their global brand and protecting market share; preventing their recycled products from entering the same market as their “A” products.


Liquidity Services determined an innovative solution to repurpose the company’s recycled products so they could be resold in different markets. By ensuring the company’s “B” products don’t compete with its “A” products, Liquidity Services protects the company’s brand and market share. Liquidity Services also provides the client with continual quality assurance, which guaranteed that internal operations, contractors, and all comply with the client’s rigorous requirements and policies.


By carefully managing the recycling and disposition processes, Liquidity Services not only preserves the client’s brand equity and furthers its sustainability mission, but continually generates high recovery value for the repurposed goods. As the client’s ongoing partner, Liquidity Services processes an annual surplus volume of nearly 4,000 tons of recycled materials, reselling them for an average of $1.2 million in annual recovery. Pleased with the recycling project’s results, the client has recently enlisted Liquidity Services to resell $12 million of inventory and returned items. 

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