Civilian Farming Made Easy with the Help of Military Surplus

Military manufacturers were not specifically thinking of civilian farmers when they created their military tractor trucks, M105 military trailers, aircraft recovery trucks, cargo trucks, and flatbeds. However, farmers across the US are welcoming their military surplus to part of their daily farm operations.

Thanks to surplus equipment purchased through Government Liquidation, in Holualoa, Hawaii, Henry Williams uses irrigation pumps, mowers, and a five-ton tractor truck to keep business running smoothly at the Seven Stars Coffee farm. Liquidity Services’ leading online marketplace and exclusive sales channel for Defense Department surplus and scrap assets, Government Liquidation, often serves small business buyers across the globe, one of which is Williams’ eight acre Kona coffee farm requiring dependable and well-made machinery.

“The military stuff holds up,” says Williams of Seven Stars Coffee Farm. “I’ve been able to buy pumps, mowers and other good quality military equipment that was hardly used. I paid $100 for two water pumps that probably would have cost me $1,200 or $1,400 each if purchased new.”

This Liquidity Services’ buyer story was profiled along with several other farms that purchased equipment through Government Liquidation in a recent edition of Farm and Livestock Magazine. What is behind this trend of using military surplus on farms? According to Tom Burton, President of Liquidity Services’ Capital Assets Group, which includes the Government Liquidation marketplace: “This equipment was built to withstand anything: harsh conditions, heavy use and extreme circumstances. It was crafted and created specifically for our military so you can assume that the quality is impeccable.”

In another story, honey bees in their own “insect convoy” in Warrenton, Virginia are benefiting from retired military vehicles as well. Phillip Ramsey uses over thirty M105 military flatbeds to transport his honey bees from one field to another on his farm, Ramsey’s Stoneleigh Farms. These are just a few stories in which military surplus has made a difference and helped to fuel small business America. Please read the article for more stories or shop for surplus at Government Liquidation or any of our marketplaces.