A foreign affair: How local businesses made the leap across the pond

The 2006 film “Outsourced” and its spinoff TV show gave Americans a humorous look at what happens when an American manager tries to set U.S. standards at an Indian call center. We see offended vegetarians, frustrated customers and one very confused American– all-around hilarity from where we’re sitting. In the real world, the more likely results are discrimination lawsuits, botched business relationships and lost sales. That’s why SmartCEO asked for the help of local CEOs who made the leap across the pond and lived to tell the tale.

“We’re blessed with many technologies and tools to bring people together virtually to reinforce the mission but our top team members get together at least quarterly in a physical location. There are different depths of interaction with another human being. Physical interaction — having dinner or a brainstorming exercise — allows you to further enhance the relationship,” says William Angrick co-founder, chairman and CEO of Liquidity Services Inc. “We might have a team-building exercise not centered around a specific business issue but that allows people to understand the nuances and difference of peoples’ perspectives.”

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