AllSurplus offers screaming deals, curbside pickup in Phoenix

Stock comes from returns, overstock from major online retailers.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Have you ever wondered where returns from online retailers wind up? Many of them find their way to the AllSurplus warehouse in Phoenix to be sold via online auction, usually for pennies on the dollar.

Until recently, only businesses had access to AllSurplus, but the company is opening bidding to consumers as an experiment. Arizonans are first to get access to the deals on unsold, returned, and refurbished items. “Our Phoenix warehouse is open and full of exclusive deals on everything from TVs to rugs, grills, general merchandise, housewares, and all things in between,” the company says on its website.

“Open” is a relative term here. You cannot go to the warehouse to see what is available. You have to rely on photos and descriptions because everything is done online at’s Curbside Deals page. If you have the winning bid, you then pay and schedule a time to pick up your purchases curbside at the warehouse.

Because AllSurplus uses an online auction model, you have to register for an account with their website. The information they require is standard – user name, full name, email, full address, and phone number. The system sends you an activation link and temporary password, which it then prompts you to change the first time you log in.

From there, it’s like any other online auction. Bids, in most cases, start at $5. Some items have a reserve price — the lowest the seller will take. Some will have a “buy now” option. When placing a bid, the Auto-bid feature is on by default. That means the system will bid for you up to the limit you set.

One of our digital producers gave an AllSurplus auction a test run and won a $200 area rug. She paid $10.75.

AllSurplus says the sellers set their own payment terms, so be sure check that when you place a bid. For items that use the AllSurplus system, you can use most major credit cards, PayPal, or a wire transfer.

And if you’re not happy with your purchase, AllSurplus does accept returns so you’re not stuck.

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