American CE Liquidator Buys Canadian Repair Depot NESA

It looks like a match made in heaven. NESA, arguably the largest CE service centre in the country, has been bought by gigantic Liquidity Services, Inc. Toronto-based NESA specializes in repairing consumer electronics. Liquidity Services, Inc. sells refurbished and surplus goods to over 200 countries and territories. “We are excited to join Liquidity Services and combine our respective services,” said Renda, “to create a comprehensive reverse logistics solution for electronic and technology products…(and) an even brighter future for our growth, innovation and value for our clients and employees.” While Liquidity Services will liquidate any assets in over 500 categories from helicopters, to high speed train rails, to iPads, it has found a niche in the so-called reverse logistics, or reverse supply chain across the full range of general merchandise, including consumer electronics. In a nutshell, Liquidity Services buys returned, dated, or damaged electronics from retailers, and resells in a controlled manner to protect the brand name, and the environment.

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