For sale: Cabins in Alaska, as cheap as $25

If you’ve ever wanted to rough it in a cabin, Air Force-style, you’re now in luck. But after you buy it, you have to haul it away.

The Air Force this weekend is auctioning off six cabins from the now-defunct Seward Air Force Recreation Camp in Alaska, which closed in 2012. The surplus auction company Government Liquidation will open the bidding at midnight Eastern Standard Time Feb. 23, and close the bidding at 5 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 25.

These cabins could potentially be a steal, depending on how much interest there is in them. Bidding starts at $25. But Christine Cimino, a spokeswoman for the company, Liquidity Services, which owns Government Liquidation, expects the final price will almost certainly be much higher when the auction is over. She wasn’t sure how much the cabins are expected to sell for.

“It’s quite a find,” Cimino said. “You can get yourself a summer cabin for quite a deal. Or, you could buy all six. You never know what people are going to do when they purchase these things.”

After the winning bids are determined Feb. 26, the winners have until May 15 to remove the cabins from the campgrounds. The work has to be done by a licensed and bonded contractor, according to Government Liquidation’s website.

The duplex cabins, which were built in 1994, each measure 31.5 feet wide by 32 feet long, including a front deck, for a total area of 1,008 square feet.

The auction of the cabins has already drawn interest from several people in the area, who have set up appointments to view the dwellings, Cimino said.

This is an unusual auction for Government Liquidation, she said. The company usually auctions off scrap metal, as well as aircraft parts, boats, computers and other office equipment, machinery, trucks and other vehicles.

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