North Carolina man wins bid to move current Winder pavilion

In May, the Winder City Council approved to spend up to $190,000 to renovate Jug Tavern Park. The renovations are to include new bathroom facilities and the removal of the current park pavilion and constructing a new one.

After placing the demolition of the current pavilion for bid on, an online liquidity services marketplace, city officials have been notified that the winner of the bid will remove the current pavilion on or before June 30th but will re-purpose and re-construct the pavilion at another location.

“We are pleased to hear the pavilion will be re-erected and used at another location after being removed,” Mayor David Maynard said. “The purchaser, a gentleman from North Carolina, will be using the pavilion on his farm where he hosts educational seminars for school-aged children.”

The winning online bid of $81 has saved the City of Winder approximately $7,000-$10,000 in destruction costs of the pavilion. The winning bidder is the owner of an organic farm in North Carolina where he has also recently purchased a TRAM from the Cleveland Zoo. He will be using the repurposed pavilion as the starting and stopping point for educational tours on his farm.