Questions from CFO Jorge A. Celaya

By Marcos Chisholm

Like any executive on a tight schedule, Jorge A. Celaya cuts to the chase. “As much as I like to go as fast as possible . . . I’ve learned over the years to be more patient.”

The Cuban American—executive vice president and chief financial officer of Liquidity Services—does more than just manage financials. He has been an integral part of leading business transformation, while also leading teams that execute, manage, and analyze business and financial results. Liquidity services is a B2B e-commerce company with over $10 billion transacted.

While his experience across varying industry sectors and executive roles has been extensive, Celaya has been on the forefront of technology-enabled business services for three decades, architecting processes to support the growth of tech-enabled services and operations and developing and implementing strategic objectives. And he hasn’t let his day-to-day responsibilities impede innovative change.

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