Retailers Couldn’t Stock Hand Sanitizer Fast Enough. Now They Can’t Give It Away.

Once nearly impossible to find, bottles of sanitizer are now taking up shelf space and stores are trying promotions to get rid of them; ‘It’s worth more to us gone’

By Jaewon Kang

Keith Milligan is trying to get sanitizer off his hands.

Mr. Milligan, controller of Piggly Wiggly stores in Alabama and Georgia, is offering 4-for-1 specials on sanitizers after sales nearly halted earlier this year. He tried selling the disinfectants for half-price and discounted them at 75% to no avail.

“Nearly every family has two to three bottles of it,” he said. He plans to give them away to shoppers at checkout stations if the latest promotion doesn’t make a dent in his supply.

Supermarkets are on a mission to get rid of hand sanitizers. Once nearly impossible to find, America is awash in it.

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