Rock Hill schools find moneymakers

Efforts Rock Hill school officials started to help bring in money in tough times are starting to bear fruit. In recent months, the district has been selling ads on utility vehicles, auctioning equipment and renting space in buildings – bringing in about $118,000. To get rid of surplus equipment and vehicles, the district held a public auction every few years. The last one, marketed with the line “Buy a dump truck, save a teacher,” netted about $34,000 from $43,000 in sales. The difference is the cost of holding the sale, Cox said. A new agreement with, an online auction website, “has drastically reduces labor costs as well as garnered higher sale prices,” Cox wrote in a report to the school board. Expenses have dropped 20 percent and sales have brought in more than $38,000. Cox projects that number to reach $80,000 by the end of the quarter, three times the revenue from surplus sales over the last four years.

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