Seeking the Christmas Gadget that You Didn’t Receive?

If you are still seeking the one special Christmas gift that nobody had the insight to buy you, it’s possible you might find that coveted goodie through a North Las Vegas company that specializes in “reverse logistics.” One of four national warehouses operated by Liquidity Services is in North Las Vegas. The company is the leader in the growing field of handling major retailers’ return and overstock items, known as reverse logistics. By one estimate, there will be $63 billion in returned holiday merchandise this year, up 37% from a year ago.

“We have contracts with seven of the top 10 largest retailers in the country,” said operations manager Mitch Robinson. “They ship their overstock and returned items straight to us, we unload the semitrucks, test the goods, grade them and either sell them one item at a time via our website or bundle them into like items at and auction them starting at $100 per lot.”