Technology Providing a Measurable Way to Manage Surplus Sustainably

Innovation is constant in our industry. The reverse supply chain continues to evolve with the dynamics of business trends across a number of verticals. This means that businesses are looking for partners with proven performance in this industry, driven by technology. Globalization continues to impact business and employees are often scattered across the globe and in some cases, working remotely. In the case of surplus assets, which can be as large as full-size plants, it’s important that technology support scalable solutions to manage surplus.

Additionally, with the impetus on sustainability, companies can no longer dispose of surplus in landfills and the need to create cost efficiencies requires that equipment be either redeployed or sold at its maximum value. Technology is providing a measurable way to both manage and dispose of surplus sustainably while increasing recovery value.

Surplus Asset Management

Surplus asset management varies across the board from company to company and across each industry. Oftentimes, the current solutions require large-scale integration and are difficult to navigate and train employees on. It’s usually a huge lift simply to accomplish a task of their job. We pioneered a web-based platform, known as AssetZone, to manage surplus assets and have seen significant cost savings by our clients, simply through having an enterprise-wide solution that all employees can access to view and redeploy surplus to another company location or select it for sale via our online marketplace.

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