What’s Best for you? Choosing the Right Liquidation Business Channel

When it comes to liquidation merchandise, there are a great deal of options out there for a business owner. From selling excess inventory to buying pallets and truckloads on the secondary market, a retailer needs to know what their best options are before diving head first into the liquidation industry. With, a three-channel approach ensures the right fit for each of their clients.

“ works by starting with a client meeting consulting approach,” says Jim Rallo, President of the Retail Supply Chain Group at Liquidity Services. “We work with retailers that want a long-term partner and a long-term solution to their store returns and shelf-pulls and any other product they need to liquidate.” After meeting with their clients, the three business channels are examined to decide the client’s best course of action. These three effective channels include selling refurbished goods directly to consumers, selling goods via B2B bulk sales auctions, and direct sales, or selling merchandise by the truckload.

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